Saturday, April 30, 2011

Port Dickson Ride

Went to Port Dickson for a quick fun ride. Should have updated this ages ago but lots of office work kept me from writing. Yes lets blame my work for being an unproductive blogger :)

Weather was nice and breezy

The crowd enjoying the view.

Malaysian made ice kacang. Full of healthy syrup.

Fresh coconut drink available here.

Fish Cwakers.

Lots of Fish Crackers 

Two lone bikers.

Bike handle can use as a substitute to your average wardrobe hangers.

The navigator.

It was all smiles and sore backs.

Enjoying the river view.

Hanging out at the river bridge

Catching a breather.

Arrived at the Floating Kompleks Medan Ikan Bakar.

Blue skies indicate we were just in time for dinner.

Waiting to be served.

Had to help ourselves in the end.

Waiting for the food to arrive.

Still waiting....

Lala masak sambal...yum yum
The main attraction arrived.
Arrived and gone...

Left some for the cats lurking around.

Went home with a full tummy.
Till next time Folks....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Leo Vince Factory E-Approved Evo 2 Slip on Titanium Can with Carbon Cap

Leo Vince Factory E-Approved Evo 2 Slip on Titanium Can with Carbon Cap

Total weight difference is 4.858kg

Power Diagram

Sound Clip on the Dyno

Revving High outside my office

Testing exhaust note inside my office basement

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ride to Genting Highlands

3rd of February after work at around 9pm, my friends and I decided that we should go someplace where we could ride and have dinner. Since this is the first time my office mate asrol also decided to join in, we think we should give him and izal a warm genting welcome, well maybe not so warm =P

Adi Azuan (gizmo) - CBR600RR 06
Azim Hilmi (explorer) - ER6-N 09
Izal Rafique (banker) - CBR600RR 08
Asrolnizam Rosle (diver) - GSX-R 600 k8

2130 - Left office with Asrol to meet Izal at Shell NKVE Highway.
2215- Met Azim at BHP after the Gombak Toll

Ride Begins..

A lot of cars were present at the Karak Highway so we had to ride carefully while keeping a safe distance with each other. As we exited the highway to Genting, we noticed, there were still a lot of cars as we rode to the top. I guess everybody got a lot of Ang Pow this Chinese New Year!  Just hope they don't spend it all in the casino :)

2325 - Reached the top of Genting Highlands.
2335 - Parked at Old Town White Coffee in front of the Theme Park Entrance and enjoyed Hot White Coffee in cold humid weather.

Both were freezing and didn't want to take off their jackets.

Our head guards.
Asrol and Adi just finished having late dinner on hill top
Izal and Azim trying to keep themselves warm

Our Ladies

Four Horsemen

Me trying to look cool. Don't think it worked.

Visibility was low as the fog was really thick.
Azim's ER6-N
Side Profile
Asrol's White Stallion

Izal's Sleek Ride

Wet Road Ahead
Asrol is freezing to death
He can't even open his eyes =D
Head Warmer
"Feels like having coffee at Europe"
Its time to ride back home
0030 - Went downhill and back to warm Kuala Lumpur

Till next time...

See you guys on my next ride!!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Cruising Down Memory Lane

Memories of those good old times with my lady in red

From KL-Phuket

At the thai boarder on the way to Phuket Bike Week 2010

Sepang Circuit 

on Thursday, I was handed the key to my new beauty. I can't express how trilled I am to see her in her shinning new fairing. When I first bought the bike, I knew that I always wanted to dress her up in this repsol fairing as the cbr600rr is a replica (not exactly of course) of the RC211V motogp bike that dominated MotoGP when it was ridden by Valentino Rossi from 2002-2003. And now my dreams has come true.
This shows that with hard work and starving yourself, you could own one too.  =D

The Doctor on the RC211V

Riding with friends

History of The Most Dominating motorcycle in MotoGP. The RC211V 

Here is the Top Ten MotoGP bikes compiled by Yahoo! Eurosport